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7 de outubro de 2018
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7 de outubro de 2018

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pThe Nicotinell TTS patch is a transdermal therapeutic systemconsisting of a roundflatmatrix-type self-adhesiveyellowish-ochre coloured patchIt is protected by a rectangular metallic release liner backing to be discarded before application./ppThere are no health benefits to smokingIt is always better to give up smoking and using Nicotinell can helpIn generalany possible side effects associated with nicotine replacement therapyNRTare far outweighed by the well established dangers of continuing to smoke./ppWhen chewednicotine is released slowly from the gum and absorbed through the lining of the mouthThe amount of nicotine in the gum can also reduce some of the unpleasant effects that often happen when giving up smokingsuch as feeling ill or irritableNicotinell Chewing Gum does not act as quickly as smoking./ppIf you are in hospital because of a heart attacksevere heart rhythm disorders or a strokeyou should try to quit smoking without using NRT unless your doctor tells you to use itOnce you are discharged from the hospitalyou may use NRT in consultation with your doctor./ppYou should seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist about taking this medicineThey can help you balance the risks and the benefits of this medicine during pregnancy./p

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